Who is this man? If your Pimp or Club Owner subscribes to the Word of Faith or Prosperity Theology then he is your “Spiritual Great Grand Daddy!”

While a member in Club Hustle & Flow I heard over and over the importance of “Sonship.” Over and over we’d hear the story of the “family tree”; from Jakes, to Eddie Long to Andre Landers, the pseudo Levitical order was set like cement into the minds of the giving units at “Club Hustle & Flow.”

But one long lost family member was left out in this family tree. One member that is considered the father of the Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel Theology running wild in the church today. That missing branch on the family tree is that of Korv Essek William Kenyon [aka] E. W. Kenyon (1867–1948).

Kenyon was Bible teacher, schoolmaster, and prolific writer, Kenyon authored eighteen books that are used still today by many who call themselves Word of Faith. One phrase he coined can still be heard in the movement today, “What I confess, I possess”.

Kenneth Hagin (1917-2003), of Tulsa, Oklahoma was heavily influenced by Kenyon’s writings. Hagin has been referred to as the “father” of the modern Word of Faith movement. He elaborated on Kenyon’s theology of confession, preaching a four-part formula for receiving God’s promises: “Say it; do it; receive it; tell it.” Sound familiar? that is the prevailing message of the Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel message today.

Many Bible preachers and teachers have been influenced either directly or indirectly by Kenneth “Papa” Hagin and his “revelation”. The most recognized include Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Joel Osteen and Charles Nieman.

So you may ask what is wrong with the Word of Faith/Prosperity message? The theology is heresy and is counter to the word of God. A review of any Christian book on apologetics would dismiss this doctrine as heresy. However I must give a big “hat tip” to my Brother over at IMSPEAKINGTRUTH for introducing me to a true crusader against the apostasy of the Word of Faith and Prosperity theologies Justin Peters. Justin Peters is a Mississippi-based minister who presents a seminar entitled “A Call For Discernment”. In the seminar, Justin systematically breaks down the 3 major tenants of this heresy:

  1. You can “speak those things that be not”
  2. We are all “little gods” and can do what God does (This is dangerous)
  3. Phony faith healers

IMSPEAKINGTRUTH has graciously placed Brother Peters’ seminar introduction on his web site. Please check the clips out. They will bless those caught in this heretic movement!

Your pimp or club owner does not want you to see this “Light” or the truth of what is being pushed. In some instances I don’t think many of them know better! Instead he wants you in the darkness of your own ignorance. Once the lights come on the “Club” it does not look the same. Darkness has no place with light.

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all 1 John 1:5 NIV.

Your pimp or Club owner needs to keep the revenue flowin’. But don’t be deceived by this heretic behavior. Draw to God and His word. Begin to not just read and study your bible begin to read about the TRUE nature of God. Begin to immerse yourself in Christian Apologetics (two good sites are http://www.carm.org/ and http://www.apologetics.org/). After further study see if your pimp or club owner’s doctrine can stand up to TRUE Christian Apologetic doctrine. In order to get free one must come into the “Light” of Christ and come out of the darkness!