Hat Tip to my brother over at IMSPEAKING and to all of the righteous crusaders against the Todd Bentley heretic machine

Our brother over at IM has been exposing Todd Bentley and his demonic behavior for months. IM’s coverage and exposure of this heretic has been a blessing to God’s people. However I just picked up on something (I am a bit slow) today. The Christian and mainstream media are beginning to depict this devil as a victim! Thomas Lake of the St Petersburg Times said, “…He is demonized as a false prophet in the Christian blogosphere…” Craig von Buseck the Ministries Director for CBN.com, has covered Bentley on his blog never once rebuking this demon!

More alarming than this media coverage is the fact that The demon (Bentley) is beginning to ramp up for a nation wide tour! That is right, several 2 day revivals are being planned for the months to come:

This demon is picking up steam and few, if any Pulpit Pimps are willing to step up! Instead TBN is hyping the demon up and helping to validate this false prophet!

The word of God is clear about the Bentley’s of the world READ MT 24

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible