Wall Street

Everywhere you turn today you hear of ways to survive the current economic downturn better known as “The Recession.” However I cannot recall one instance where I heard anyone in the media or on Christian Television (Radio or Internet) decipher God’s purpose behind the recision. Yes, God’s purpose! After all, God allows and permits any and everything on the earth.

John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota delivered an outstanding sermon on “The Rescission.” Pastor Piper gave 5 God centered purposes for this recession:

  1. God Desires To Expose Hidden Sin – God is using our anxiety, fear and hopelessness to show us just how sinful we are. Recessions have a way of bring the WORSE out of us. God wants to expose that hidden sin through recession. Yes my friend FEAR is a sin because it tells God we don’t trust Him. In addition the exposing of our sin shows us just how much we need to rely on the Lord. God is exposing hidden sin such as lust (of Cars), money, pride and man worship.
  2. God Wants Us To Wake Up – God wants to wake us (As Americans) up to show us just how bad our fellow brother and sister is. The united states, despite of the rescission, is still doing better than OVER 2/3 of the global population. God is using the recession to show us just how bad someone else is doing. From this revelation, God wants us to learn to address the most dire causes of this world. A pastors 18K light bill and 15K tax bill is nothing compared to someone in Africa living without clean water .
  3. God Wants Us To Relocate Our Roots – God wants to yank us up by the back of our shirt and snatch us from what we have been rooted in for years, our prosperity, our money, our businesses, our buildings our STUFF. God wants to replant us in good ground. God wants us to be planted and rooted in HIM and not in our cars, homes, jobs and money. This recession by far is about just that, money, automobiles, jobs and property. God is taking all of that away so we can focus on Him.
  4. God Wants To Use The Recession To Advance His Salvation Mission – God throughout time has used the most dire circumstances to advance His agenda (Not ours). Throughout the bible you can see God at Work in a recession; Abraham and Sara conceiving a Son in their old age, God parting the Red Sea to lead the Israelite nation out of Egypt, Bread of Heaven, The Walls of Jericho, God’s list goes on and on.
  5. God Wants Us To Care For Those Hurting In The Church Acts 4:34God intends for us to care for the hurting because he wants us to grow in love. Nobody should ever lack anything in the church. Far too many people I know are leaving “The Club” are doing so because they are in need and are hurting! Yet in the Club Owner and his Bouncers (Deacons and Ministers) contend that the “Mand/Prophet of da House” Club be protected and shielded against the lies spoken against him. Landers is not the only person hurting, the entire body outside of The Club is hurting. I pray that the money laid at Landers’ feet a few weeks ago was spent to help a member in financial need! Landers needs to stop worrying about folk talking about him and start worrying about the people he is hurting with his greed and lies!

Look at Pastor Piper’s Message in its entirety. I pray that his message will bless you like it blessed me.