Webster’s dictionary defines escaping as such:

“To get away” or avoid evil”

Therefore, an escapee is “One that has escaped prison and or evil.”

For several years, I was a prisoner of a manufactured theology propagated by the prosperity message. I was enslaved and mistreated by an organization (They call themselves an organism) I thought was meant to perpetuate the gospel of Jesus Christ. For many years, I have spent more time dwelling on material well being rather than the message of the cross. For years, I was pimped out of my time and money and I nearly ruined my marriage.

I am not angry at my enslavement nor the organism I once called home (Higher Living Christian Church aka New Birth South). The Master Creator granted us a free will and intellect. My prison sentence has been self-imposed. Actually, I am glad I went through this journey. I now know that the journey is part of a greater purpose. What is that purpose? My purpose and the purpose of this blog is to help others Escape Too and to draw away from man and draw near to God (Hebrews 10:22)



7 Responses to “Escape the Manipulation of Man and Draw Near to Jesus Christ – Hebrews 10:22”

  1. Fedup Says:

    I am part of the flock that you have been led away from. For the years I have attended, something in my spirit has never been at peace. Many times I felt truly Blessed by the message brought forth and many other times I have simply sat in absolute shock and felt like jumping to my feet and screaming this is … I agree with you in that money is necessary to operate in this world. Prosperity ministry has taken the desire of money and what it can provide to another level. No one teaches of the wealth gained from salvation. Material overflow is what is sought and what many who achieve it find is that the sheen of new toys soon fades, but God stays the same. Pastor is asking everyone to submit to his authority. (“I support the vision and the visionary of this house”) He is injecting his personal requests into the messages and putting God’s name on them. (“God told me to tell you, don’t put less money in the plate than you spent on your outfit”) I can go on and on, but you know where I am coming from.

    If you are aware of a church that is teaching and sharing God’s word without the spin, please enlighten me.

  2. escapeetoo Says:

    First, I thank God that this blog reached you! Secondly, the “something in your spirit” is the Holy Spirit speaking to you to move. Move on that unction! But before you move or look for a nother pimps arms to run to, get into GOD’s word in order to understand where you have been misguided. “Club Hustle and Flow” has been overrun by a spirit of GREED and PRIDE that is eating up the congregation from the inside out. This spirit has been in effect for about the last 3 to 4 years. Your pastor HAD good intentions in his earlier pimpistry ministry but then got caught up in materialism. His materialism has come at the expense of the people. Now that the “Pimp Revenue” is down and the “Hustle aint Flown” he wants to remind you, that “Gawd” needs your money.

    God does not need your money because:


    NBSMC needs your money to pay:

    1) Georgia Power
    2) The Bank
    3) Your pastor’s salary

    Your pastor wants to make you think that you need to give so that you remain blessed. The number one thing wrong with this assertion is that we cannot do anything to be blessed. We are saved by grace, God’s unconditional love (Read my blog on the 5 Solas or Phrases). Grace is not earned. Instead, grace is received by faith. If you are truly saved, then you are under God’s grace, which is the greatest blessing given to mankind!. Like my grandma used to say “God is not an Indian giver, once he blesses you that is it” Christ MADE SURE of this at the cross. Christ’s death, burial and resurrection guaranteed us eternal grace and salvation.

    Understand me, I am not saying don’t give. The tithe is an excellent benchmark (Notice I did not say commandment). Don’t be bound by the curse of the law (Rom 7:5-9) Christ sacrificed His life for. Why do that when you do not have to. Give because that is what righteous saved people do. However, here is the kicker, sow into the Kingdom. What is the Kingdom? The Kingdom is righteousness, joy and peace. If “Club Hustle and Flow” has those attributes of the Kingdom then sow there. If not, pray to the Lord to lead you.

    Begin to study the word and seek God for yourself. The Holy Spirit always leads you into truth. The truth that He has leas me to is that things are tight out there for a pimp and bills got to be paid, including his. But if your pastor really has faith he’d need not have to preach on giving. He’ll say he’s preaching giving for your benefit. However lets be real for a second the “hustle just isn’t flowin.”

    Grace and Peace

  3. I have to add my 1.5 cents to this Fedup. Below is my response to a young lady who visited my blog after escaping a WOF (word of faith) plantation in March. My advice for you is identical to what I told her, so I thought it’d be easier to just cut & paste:

    There are plenty of churches out there that preach and teach biblical truth – generally, they aren’t on tv, headed by a “bishop”, “apostle”, or “prophet”, or housed in a building that looks like a sports arena 🙄

    Sorry to sound cynical but you’re going to have to put your feet to the street and visit assemblies to listen to the Word of God being preached (or not) in person. Also, make arrangements to speak with the pastor to get his views on tithing, benevolence, the authority of scripture, his leadership team, etc. (or at least ask these questions via email and keep moving if you don’t get a response).

    You can’t just look for a church with a “great preacher, good children’s programs, and a tv ministry”. First, seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him to guide you to a church where you can learn more of Christ, your job as a child of God, and where you can roll up your sleeves to work!

    Next – check out the “9 Marks of a Healthy Church” – this could be a “scorecard” as you’re evaluating assemblies (I’m not endorsing any of the churches on the site, but it’s a great place to start).

    Having come from the charismatic backbround myself, I had to reject the “motivational speaking” phenomenon because it did nothing but entertain me. Even when I was in ministry training, I found myself seeking deeper meaning to scripture vs. catch phrases and theatrics (see my post on expository preaching). I firmly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, but we must remember Paul’s instructions to the church at Corinth (1 Corinthians 14). If God’s Word can’t be preached because of the circus atmosphere within the church, then there is a problem.

    It’s certainly a wake-up call…to go from seeing folks run around the church screaming “money cometh”, to seeing orderly worship were God is revered and the Word is clearly exegeted. Your flesh will initially miss the “show”, but your spirit will crave more unvarnished truth, so don’t give up and go back to the fluff.

    All in all, remember the Word – let that be your #1 reference source!

    As I said in my reply to your comment at my blog (and escapeetoo is corroborating), the fact that you are uncomfortable is the Holy Spirit’s way of alerting you of your impending departure from under Landers’ heretical teaching.

    Don’t get lulled into complacency, and go back to “accepting” that which is CLEARLY not of God. I’m a more contented man because I left – even when I could’ve comfortably stayed, advanced in ministry, and accumulated more “credentials” – all the while evangelizing a “different gospel”.

    I have to leave you with one of the most encouraging exhortations found in God’s Holy Word:

    24The LORD bless you, and keep you; 25 The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; 26 The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.’ (Numbers 6:24-26 NASB).

  4. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen Says:


    It is always encouraging to read how God is opening the eyes of those who wish to understand the will of God better. I wish you all the best!

    Your fellow pilgrim Douglas

  5. Tony Isaac Says:

    It’s so conforting to find out that there are others out there.

    May the good Lord continue to increase our knowledge of Him, Amen.

  6. Dana Says:

    Looking to connect with escapeetoo!

    1. escapeetoo Says:

      I will Email you Dana.

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