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Do we really know what “Worship” is as Christians. Honestly,  if asked this question at gun point could you answer the question “What is worship” before getting your head blown off! The following is an excellent comparison contrast of what God worship is and what “man centered worship is.

The Goal of Worship

First of all let me expound on the goal of worship. Glorifying God is our ONLY aim when worshiping God. It is our highest priority.

31So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

I Cor. 10:31

It sounds elementary, but the purpose of our corporate worship service is for our congregation to worship God. Evangelism, though important, is secondary.

What is worship?

The Bible doesn’t give a formal definition of worship. But lets start by seeing what various words for worship mean. The English word “worship” comes from two Old English words: weorth, which means “worth,” and scipe or ship, which means something like shape or “quality.” We can see the Old English word -ship in modern words like friendship and sportsmanship – that’s the quality of being a friend, or the quality of being a good sport.

So worth-ship is the quality of having worth or of being worthy. When we worship, we are saying that God has worth, that he is worthy. Worship means to declare worth, to attribute worth. Or to put it in biblical terms, we praise God. We speak, or sing, about how good and powerful God is.

This is a purpose for which we are called:

You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light

1 Peter 2:9.

We were called for the purpose of praising God, worshiping God. That is one of the job descriptions of a Christian. We should declare that God is worthy, worth more than everything else put together.

Now let’s look at the biblical words. In both Hebrew and Greek, there are two major kinds of words for worship. The first kind means to bow down at ones feet, to kneel, to put one’s face down as an act of respect and submission. Our body language is saying, I will do whatever you want me to. I am ready to listen to your instructions and I am willing to obey. The other kind of biblical word means to serve. Roughly half of the time these words are translated as worship, and the other half as serve. It carries the idea of doing something for God — making a sacrifice or carrying out his instructions.

Of course, word meanings don’t prove what worship is, but they do illustrate three kinds of worship. There is

1. worship that involves speaking, and
2. worship that involves listening, and
3. a worship that involves doing.

There is a worship that expresses the heart, and worship that involves the mind, and a worship that involves the body. There is a worship that is giving praise upward, a worship that is receiving instructions from above, and a worship that carries out instruction in the world around us.

God Centered vs Man Centered Worship Comparison

The following is a comparison of God Centered and Man Centered Worship:

Sinner Friendly vs Seeker-Driven Worship

According to Romans 3:10-18, there are none who seek God from their hearts. Though we must show love and concern for the sinners who attend worship (In a congregation), we must be careful not to design the worship service around their desires, but around God’s desires. We must remember that the greatest obstacle for the unbeliever is his sinful heart.

In contrast the the seeker-driven model, the worship service is adjusted to “meet the needs” [better called ‘wants’] of the unbeliever, making it ‘relevant’ for unbelievers i.e. making the word “plain” for people to understand, or putting the word on the “bottom shelf”.

The theology behind this seeker-driven movement teaches that everyone seeks for God, and all we need to do is take obstacles out of an unbeliever’s way in order for them to come to Christ. This is dangerous because it allows for the things NOT of God to blend into a worship service.

Entertainment vs. Worship

True Godly worship is done before an audience of One. We are all the participants, and the desire is that God is pleased with our worship (Rev. 5:13, Phil 2:10-11) We stand in awe of God, and then our affections are stirred, not vice versa (Acts 2:43)

With Man Centered worship having the goal of ‘bringing ’em in’ and ‘cleaning them later’ as the top priority results in turning the worship hour into an entertainment session i.e. celebrity guests, lights, dancing etc. The focus is taken off standing in awe of God and placed, instead, on what the participant will enjoy or how he/she will feel.

Needs vs Wants

Godly worship is achieved when  we focus on what man truly needs, we must understand that our greatest need is for God. When we look to God first and do things His way, the outcome will meet the deepest needs of men. (Matt. 6:33)

Man centered worship is dangerous as it relates to needs vs wants. In the name of being ‘needs-based’, the focus actually becomes on what people want i.e. money, favor, and material well being. While people’s shallow desires are constantly fed, the deepest needs are left unmet. This camp tends to produce rapid quantitative growth and a lack of qualitative growth i.e PRAISE reports. All the while the things we REALLY need are left undone often i.e. mended marriages, deliverance form addictions and deliverance from cults.

Human Worth

Human worth is not diminished by being God-centered. Instead, it is established. That is, when we focus on God who alone has worth in Himself, and we understand that we are created in His image, this brings us great worth. (II Samuel 22). However, man has no worth in and of himself, and being man-centered in one’s approach to anything is ultimately futile. Honoring MAN in ritualistic ceremonies and signs of allegance is futile as compared to honoring God, PERIOD

Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth

God desires worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and truth. (John 4:24) We must know the majestic, holy God and our sinfulness in order to worship Him rightly. When we exalt a MAN in our worship service we fail to worship GOD. Man should be completely removed as the focal point of worship.


I honestly hope this post helps the sheeple who often times are subjected to shown allegiance to a MAN who calls himself a Prophet or Apostle or is declared one by his Club Goers.





For several months now I have backed off of posting to this blog to further deprogram/ween myself from the heretic nonsense I was drinking for years. I have allowed the Holy Spirit and not a Club Owner speak into me. After months of studying and refection I can finally say, “I was in a cult.” Club Hustle & Flow (Which I have spoke of before) has a cultic nature

Hat Tip to my brother over at “I’m Speaking Truth,” who did an excellent job in breaking down the symptom of cult. However I want to expand and dispel the pundits (The Club Hustle & Flow VIP Card holders) who are actively reading this blog and who are turned off by the “C” word.

There are two definitions of a cult, one Sociological the other Theological. The basic tenets include:

Sociological-Include consideration of such factors as authoritarian leadership patterns, loyalty and commitment mechanisms, lifestyle characteristics, (and conformity patterns including the use of various sanctions in connection with those members who deviate (GIVING)

Theological-When a particular group’s beliefs and/or practices are considered unorthodox – that is, in conflict with the body of essential teachings of the movement the group compares itself to. Christian apologist Robert Bowman defines a cult as:

A religious group originating as a heretical sect and maintaining fervent commitment to heresy. Adj.: “cultic” (may be used concerning tendencies as well as full cult status).

Dr. Alan Gomes, Associate Professor and Chair, Dept. of Theology Talbot School of Theology and author of the book Cults “says:

A cult of Christianity is a group of people, which claiming to be Christian, embraces a particular doctrine system taught by an individual leader, group of leaders, or organization, which (system) denies (either explicitly or implicitly) one or more of the central doctrines of the Christian Faith as taught in the sixty-six books of the Bible.

Club Hustle & Flow is a classic example of Theological and Sociological cultic behavior. It can be considered a Sociological cult because of its authoritarian leadership patterns. All control over theological doctrine is set by the Club Owner. God only Speaks through the Club Owner. Club Hustle & Flow can be considered a Theological cult because it is in conflict with the body of essential teachings (Orthodox Mainline teachings). There are countless accounts when Club Hustle and flow did things that were counter to the word of God,  e.g. Million Miracle Sunday & Saturday 2007, Christmas 2007. Do you remember the rhetoric? ‘…I would not have spent more on Christmas gifts than I give to God today…’ (Although the Club owner was out “ballin” at the Perimeter Mall.) Cult leaders will often tell their “sheeple” one thing yet practice another.

Club Hustle & Flow leans heavily into the Theological cultic category because it maintains a fervent commitment to heresy. Club Hustle & Flow maintains a commitment to the “Word of Faith” heretic theology. The perpetuation of this heresy solidifies Club Hustle & Flow as a cult. I will assert as I have before that this was not how things started out. There was a “Shift.”

The Word of God is clear on cults and the danger of being a part of a cult:

Rev 22:18-19 (NASB) 

18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book;

 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.

Cult leaders often take away from God’s word to advance their agenda (Give more so we can make payroll and pay for my 700k crib and my cars.

The website has done a great job articulating cults. Many of you will be amazed at what you are (or were) a part of.

“There Is No Magic Pill”

I often wondered how intelligent people fall for the “oaky doke” when it comes to money and resources. We fall for ponzi schemes, get rich quick schemes and yes Club Owners and Pulpit Pimps. Why, I ask WHY! One reason smart people are duped is because of what is known as the “Magic Pill” phenomenon.

Coach Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots, is one of the most grueling head Football coaches in the NFL. Every Spring Football practice he sends his players through a grueling conditioning test. Each player has months to prepare for this conditioning test. The session is so grueling players often pass out or throw up! Many players cannot finish! For those players who come into mini camp out of shape Belichick reminds them “there is no MAGIC PILL” that will help them compete and complete the conditioning session.

The “Magic Pill” phenomenon occurs when we think we can “Do” or “Take” that one “thing” that will get us through! People who are caught up in the Word of Faith Movement think that they can do to get. They think they can give to get. They think that they can pay for a down payment into Heaven. They think that the Kingdom of God can be purchased through their giving. They think that if they pay their tithes that they will be protected.

I personally fell into the trap during my tenure at Club Hustle & Flow . I heard Sunday after Sunday Landers preach on money and giving and how giving created an “atmosphere” for God to operate in my life. I gave faithfully only to come to the revelation that “I” could not do anything to alter the will of God. I could not take a “Magic Pill” to get God to do what I wanted Him to do. Following God’s will (Which is in His word) is the key. The WoF heresy had me brain washed that I could speak words into existence.

Friend, God does not work that way. The Lord gave us Christ. Christ is the solution. Christ is the Word of God made flesh. In Him should we trust. Your pastor (Pimp or Club Owner) is not your Magic Pill. Giving to your pastor will not grant you admission into Heaven. Oh yea and guess what? There is no reserved seating or special made mansions in Heaven for the major contributors in your church (This mess was taught at Club Hustle and Flow-MESS!). God does not measure our giving in that capacity. God looks at the heart:


1Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins,[a]worth only a fraction of a penny.[b]

43Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Your checkbook will not be your ticket into Heaven. Your ticket to Heaven is the blood of Christ!

Do not be fooled any longer by vipers. Stop falling for these pimps and club owners who promise health, wealth, protection and prosperity. The fact of the matter is if you are IN CHRIST, you have EVERYTHING you need. In Christ you are guaranteed something no pimp or club owner can match, eternal life. But unfortunately preaching on HEAVEN is not as sexy as preaching about money and prosperity.

“…Calling those things that are not as though they were…”(Rom 4:17) This is perhaps the number one quoted and misinterpreted portions of scripture. This portion (And I mean portion) of scripture is the foundation of the Word of Faith theology. The way that the Word of Faith has interrupted this scripture is heresy and hinges on the metaphysical. Let us look at the Word of Faith’s basic tenants:

“Words have power!” – One of the major tenants of the WoF theology states that our words when spoken in the spiritual world are containers of power that can change your life. The WoF theology supposes that we should direct our future, and allow us to get our life in line with God’s Will. The WoF theology says that words can carry God’s Power (As if God needs our help) to literally heal your body, bring financial blessing to your circumstances, and bring the promises of God’s Word into this natural realm to bless you and your family.

Speaking the Word is called “Confession.” The WoF theology holds to the mindset that “Confession brings possession.” This saying is not biblical and not a revelation of God i.e. not in His word. WoF believers state that in order for the Power of God to cause something that God has promised to be manifested in this natural realm, you must speak, or confess, His Word and agree with God. Only then will God back up His promise by bringing it to pass in this natural realm! Do you see the heretic theme here? God needs your permission to fulfill His will.

Now that you understand the foundation, let us look at the WORD of God.

The WoF theology hinges its beliefs on two New Testament scriptures, Mark 11:22-24:

Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

In addition, Rom:4:17:

As it is written: “I have made you a father of many nations.” He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.

But typical of the WoF theology is the foundational belief that uses scripture out of context. For example in order to put Mark 11:22-24 into its proper context one would have to back up to Mark 11:12-14:

The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it.

In the text, we see Jesus looking at a natural tree (man) and being disappointed that it was not operating in God’s creation order (Season). All of creation is subject to the perfect order of God’s creation. Verses 22-24 of chapter 11 deal with the punishment for falling outside of the perfect will of God. Not being in God’s will cause us to be cut off. Notice Jesus words to His disciples the day after the fig tree was cursed. Jesus says to His disciples “Have faith in God.” Have faith in God’s order or lest you suffer the same fate as the fig tree. Then Christ talks about asking for things in “prayer” not speaking about what you want. This is important! We pray the will of God. We can fully expect His will to be fulfilled because God is perfect and His character will not allow Him to go against His will. The WoF theology supposes that we can speak things into existence and that my friend is dead wrong. The only thing we can do is ask for things we do not see and expect to see God’s will.

The theology that supports the WoF rhetoric partially derived from Romans 4:17 is easiest explained by taking a deeper look at the chapter 3 and ALL of Chapter 4 including ALL of verse 17. GET YOUR BIBLE OUT. Don’t take my word or a Pimps word for it. Read this for yourself!

Chapter 3 of Romans Paul methodically expounds on important Christian tenants of faithfulness, righteousness (No one is righteous) and righteousness through faith (You cannot work for your righteousness).

Chapter 4 picks up on the theme of righteousness and how Abraham was justified by his faith and not by his works (what he did or say) or the law. Here is the key:

….the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.

Did you catch that? Paul is speaking about God having the ability to ‘…call things that are not as though they were….’ NOT MANKIND. Paul is talking about the awesome mighty power of the resurrection. Only God could pull such a mighty feat off. The WoF theology’s theory falls short! Try it out yourself. Stop working and receiving a paycheck then speak and proclaim for some money to come to your pocket. See what happens.

I am not trying to bash anyone. However, I am trying to shed some truth (Light) on a doctrine I used to subscribe to whole-heartedly. I now know that I can petition God but His will is always going to supersede my petition. Revelationof God through His word will help you understand what you in your prayer life. Trying to ask for tings out of the air and outside of God’s will is going to frustrate you for life!

Hat Tip to my brother over at IMSPEAKING and to all of the righteous crusaders against the Todd Bentley heretic machine

Our brother over at IM has been exposing Todd Bentley and his demonic behavior for months. IM’s coverage and exposure of this heretic has been a blessing to God’s people. However I just picked up on something (I am a bit slow) today. The Christian and mainstream media are beginning to depict this devil as a victim! Thomas Lake of the St Petersburg Times said, “…He is demonized as a false prophet in the Christian blogosphere…” Craig von Buseck the Ministries Director for, has covered Bentley on his blog never once rebuking this demon!

More alarming than this media coverage is the fact that The demon (Bentley) is beginning to ramp up for a nation wide tour! That is right, several 2 day revivals are being planned for the months to come:

This demon is picking up steam and few, if any Pulpit Pimps are willing to step up! Instead TBN is hyping the demon up and helping to validate this false prophet!

The word of God is clear about the Bentley’s of the world READ MT 24

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible

Recently someone challenged me as to why I write this blog and or speak out against pulpit pimps. This person acknowledged that “Pimpistry” is running wild in the world but admonished me for my delivery. They told me I might “offend folk.” My response to them was simple. God has not changed His delivery method nor will I. Revelation of God’s nature comes via the the study and application of the written word of God. His nature does not tolerate heresy and He does not “pull and punches” so that it won’t offend people.

To expound on this point let’s look at The Book of Amos, likely written between 760 and 753 B.C. This is an awesome testament on how God uses common everyday people to get His message of truth out. Just like Amos, God is using my “Escape” experience to share with the masses.

There are some keen resemblances between the prophet Amos and many everyday men and women who are speaking out against the heretics and apostates infiltrating the body of Christ. Just like Amos, we too can see that beneath the external prosperity and power of pulpit pimp ministry’s pimpistrys. Internally these pimpistrys are corrupt to the core. The sins for which WE in the fight (Just as Amos did via the authority of the word of the LORD) chasten these pimps are extensive. Take a close look at these sins:

  1. Twisting of God’s Word for personal gain or exaltation i.e. “Speak those things….” (Rom 1:18-32)
  2. Idolatry i.e.“The Ark” NBSMC toted into its sanctuary that now sits in a conner (Rom. 1:21-25)
  3. Greed (II Peter 2:3)
  4. Pride i.e. ‘It took me 6 years what it took Long 20……’ (I Cor 1:31)
  5. Arrogance (I Peter 5:1-6)
  6. Oppression of the poor (2 Cor 9:6-9) Pimps love to quote versus 6-8 but leave off the true blessing in verse 9!

Now i am not a prophet like Amos. I will not be pronouncing a judgment upon the pimps and pimpetes of this age. However, my earnest prayer, in particular for NBSMC, is that all will turn back to God and His saving grace through Jesus Christ. This fight is not for personal gain. instead, this is a fight for righteousness. But just like the prophets of old the messenger is persecuted.

Hat Tip to my brother over at IMSPEAKING and IC for inspiring this post. Somebody has to speak out on this HERESY!

<Big Hat Tip to my brother over at IMSPEAKING for Inspiring this post designed to speak out against pimps and their pimpistry>

There is nothing more troubling in the human experience than going through life being someone you are not. However, in the Word of Faith and New Age theologies this is happening. People are subscribing to an ideology that they have not fully studied or discerned.

One of the most widely taught Word of Faith heretic doctrines (and there are many) is that humans are “little gods (with a small g). This heretic doctrine is being preached by pimps and heretics around the nation and other “mini me” and “wanna be” pimps are subscribing to this mess as well.

Lets take a closer look at some of the major tenants of this doctrine:

  1. Humans are little gods made in the image of God.
  2. God gave humanity dominion over the earth. God can’t go against this order
  3. Humanity’s dominion over the earth was surrendered to Satan at the fall of man.
  4. Our domain rights were reestablished via the atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  5. God can’t do anything in the earth without “Mankind”

For those of you (like me) who were part of ministries that subscribed to this mess the above rhetoric sounds good. But read the word a little closer and you will see that this is Nuclear Heresy! Lets look at the “Little g” theology a little closer. Let’s use the word of God to buttress this theology.

  • Humans are little gods made in the image of God.

Genesis 1:26

Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.

One of the tricks practiced by today’s Pimps (heretics) is to make you out to be someone you are not. They manipulate and alter the word of God for their own validity. I remember on several occasions hearing from my former club owner that we were like God because we were made in his image. But what is the image of God? The bible says in Col 3:10 and Eph 4:24 that the image of God consists of righteousness, knowledge and holiness. We all have those attributes however our flesh (because of the fall) is at constant odds with our spirit (Rom 7:13-24). Unlike us, God does not have this issue. His image remains PERFECT at all times!

In addition the bible does not say you have the same power and authority as God.The bible says what it says; you have dominion over WILD ANIMALS. God is not material or bodily in nature( John 1:18) therefore He cannot be reproduced. Sorry to those of you who thought you had the title of “Little “g”. You do not! God is way bigger than any of us.

Know your place in the Kingdom of God. We were made for His purpose. God is in control of “it” all including this earth. We are all catching up to His “will”. We can never measure up to His perfect character. Taking on the prideful mindset of a “Little god” puffs you up to be something you are not. Pride is what got Adam kicked out of the garden. Pride will break you down!

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom. (Prov 11:2)

The heresy of the Word of Faith theology is creating a generation of pastors, teachers and parishioners that are putting themselves out of the Kingdom.

Heavenly Father please have mercy for all of us who dared to think we were like you and shared your power. There is none other like you on earth or elsewhere. Forgive us for our pride and lack of understanding of your word.


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